Peggy Brennan
I do therapeutic listening.
I make music.

Therapeutic Listener.

Schedule a session for me to hear you - I can listen.
Call 301-728-4071
I am also a musician. Gig info on next page.

Therapeutic Listening:
Would you like to just be heard?

Send an email to for an appointment.  Or call 301-728-4071. We meet in Silver Spring or Takoma Park. My therapeutic listening work can be ongoing, can be a one-time event, or every week, what- ever we decide works best for you. My rate is $65 for an hour of listening. There is a sliding scale - I will reduce my rate to as low as $30 for an hour - use your conscience to decide on the price. I do not take insurance. We can extend or shorten the session for your comfort.  Let's have you be really heard.

I began serving as a therapeutic listener early 2014. For several years now friends and colleagues have been saying, "I've never told that to anyone before!" and so finally I was convinced to offer my therapeutic listening as a service. I have become healer. I have been studying and working shamanism since 1996, and recently answered the healer's call. Mentors and my spiritual allies deemed my personal healing complete, and guided me to offerhealing to others. Friends persuaded me also.

There is something special about the way I listen - let's see if it can help you. I am not about giving advice, but instead truly hearing your depths. I am active in this process, and engaged with your communication. Therefore, you may well find your own advice, or find the True Thing for you. I have had people remember big moments that they'd blocked out, or arrive at their own deep truths. 

Would you like to truly be heard? If you cry, I will welcome your tears. If you get angry, I will witness your anger. I am a supportive friendly listener. The atmosphere for us is comfortable and private. This is a soundly confidential relationship. 

My training is in shamanic healing, with 
Mary Tyrtle Rooker, Rena Yount, Rose Diana Khalsa, Sundance Metelsky Oehser, Tom Cowan, and Larry Peters. By far, above & beyond any other teacher I've ever spent time with, my teacher is Tyrtle. I am also a sweat house water pourer, and have held/led/participated in many ritual ceremonies. I have done The Work of Byron Katie workshops, Human Awareness Institute workshops, many many ceremonies, been in shamanic journey circles for over 17 years and much much more. 

I am ready to extend my own shamanic holistic healing. From my own healed trauma/rocky roads/injuries-of-all-sorts outward, into the world, and help YOU.
 I am in an intensive course of study on shamanic healing from which I graduate in December 2014. Tyrtle says it is beyond time to GO. OFFER HEALING.

I have a few clients now, who are able to be heard.
Would you like to just be heard? 301-728-4071

Peggy Plays Petworth (Live Music at Farmer's Market, solo!) 8/23,11am!

11am Saturday, I'll be playing a plain ole solo concert with my guitar for the shoppers at the Farmer's Market

and YOU.

Bubbles provided! (bottle & wand…)

Singing along welcome.

Dancing even more welcome, even if I'm playing some slow ballad-ey tune…

yes. YES!

----Petworth Farmer's Market. Upshur and 9th Street, NW at Georgia Ave.

My monthly “Bears Oh My!” show isat least changing, possibly ending. (The faboo venue Urban Eats must close for the upcoming First Thursday and NEVER have I had a sizable crowd. “Unsustainable”) So, stay tuned & “keep them cards & letters coming!” --------archive:

A variety show called Bears Oh My!

Every First Thursday (AUGUST 7TH is NEXT) I'll be putting on a variety show at AWESOME Urban Eats Arts & Music Cafe at 3311 Rhode Island Ave Mt. Rainier MD 20712

Showtime is early, 7pm till 9pm, so thank God they serve dinner; come try their tasty fare! Beer & wine too. Copious parking, cozy atmosphere. Mud pie to die for!! (Not "from", keep that in mind)

This month’s show will have me making music and art, and also the incredible Frank Cassell & Cat, Canary & Sh*t Eating Grins! playing music and making us laugh. See next page!

Also on the entertainment menu is the folk-rocker Zach Parkman, and joining my guitar will be the uber-talented Geoff Batchelder on bass and Leah Delano on vox & mando, playing Grateful Dead jammies. No cover, but tips are warmly welcomed. The place literally closes at 9pm, so don't be late - start time 7pm prompt. Gonna be fun – see you there!

Lions. And tigers. And BEARS, OH MY!

Music. And story. And ART to the SKY!

Dancingbears, growling bears with Spirit connection, teddy bears, hairy queer bears, berry berry many bears!


What I am saying is that this is an event of Unlimited Creativity. Every time is different. Different folks, new works of art. It may be new configurations of instruments and people, a new story or performance art piece or poetry (May 2014, was a brand new Kokopelli story with flute music and play-acting), new visual artwork or evenmore likely, a multi-media work of Live Art, often with an inter- active element. It could boringly be called a variety show but this "Bears Oh My!"title fits my heart&soul!

BEARS OH MY! Unlimited creativity every Thirst Fursday at Urban Eats 7PM!


I perform live music in a variety of venues and festivals. You can contact me via this website or at

I love playing with others. 
I also specialize in creating Woven Song in groups. It works well in fire circles, but your living room works too. We can record if you like. I have countless songs, but we can weave your own song (or create one for you) if there are at least 5 singers present. Wait till you see

:::::::::::Oh Great Song Sacred Mystery::::::::::::
Guide My Hands/Oh Great Song
Recorded 2009 with Mary Tyrtle Rooker.
Written by Peggy Brennan.

In October 2011, I performed my song, entitled "Dec. 8, 1980," at Capital City Cheese Cake in Takoma Park, accompanied by another sometimes musical partner, the incredible Bruce Lebovitz.

I recorded the song samples below in 2010. 
"Key West"  
"I'm Going Nowhere"  

This one was recorded by Rob Hinkal in 2011, me on flute, Bruce fiddling.
"Flute Improvisation"

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